The Quest Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Why live? Life was its own answer. Life was the propagation of more life and the living of a good a life as possible –Ray Bradbury  (The Martian Chronicles, 1950)


I wanted to be an actress. I took acting lessons, went to auditions, and I think I landed a commercial once (but my parents didn’t want to fly me down to LA, rather I stay in elementary school, from what my little brain remembers haha). I wanted to be a vet; started volunteering at the Humane Society when I was 13 and completed 4 years of Future Farmers of America (FFA) in high school. I wanted to be an astronomer, trophy wife, translator, farmer, social worker, author, blogger.

You know when you have goals and those goals change? When what you wanted  when you were younger is no longer what you want now. You know those dreams you’ve always had, never really gave up on, but also never acted on?

This is one of those dreams. (excepting I’m finally acting on it)

Being a blogger is one of those things I’d always thought I’d do. But, I never started a blog, I guess I didn’t know what to blog about, thought no one would read it, or even wondered if I was cut out to manage one. My internal monologue talked me out of beginning one every time.

I’m far past the edges of early adulthood, gazing (or peeking behind my fingers in utter terror) at my future. I’m 24 examining my life and satisfaction of it on a scale of bored to extremely happy, finding my score to be somewhat neutral. Then, I got to thinking…What could increase my happiness on the satisfactory scale?

There are aspects of ourselves we know, yet somehow forget over time.  This is one of those things I had totally forgotten about, as I filled my life with a plethora of sports, organizations, and hobbies throughout adolescence, well into college. I had been totally distracted by life that starting a blog was a far-fetched idea, not nearly a priority.

Recently, I’d been speaking with friends about my goals and passions, in hopes of discovering how to bring a little more life to my life.  I find reading & writing entertaining; blogging came up and so did that internal monologue. I’d always told myself writing a blog wasn’t even a possibility. This time, my friends talked me out of listening  to myself. They instilled faith in me that I could start one (John Lennon & Paul McCartney had it right: I get by with a little help from my friends). Thank you, beautiful souls and supportive loved ones.

On this journey to live a happier and more meaningful life, I’ve decided to give this a shot because 1) even if no one reads it, I’ll still be entertaining myself. LOL. 2) I have nothing to lose.

Step #1: Start a blog.


What’s your step #1?


Bay Area, California. Food, music, yoga, books, home-grown garden, bike, hike, skate, work, drink, dance, sleep...that's me & I write about my life - let's explore what makes us whole!

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